By inspecting a view (or diagram), object or relation in a site you can view all relevant information about it. All information is presented on one page. The following information can be available:

  • Favorites: Property favorites, if set.
  • Properties: All properties of the diagram, view, object or relation.
  • Data blocks: Self-defined properties of the diagram, view, object or relation (if created).
  • Documentation: The documentation for the view, object or relation, if available.
  • Metrics: All metrics of the object, if available.
  • Relations: All relations of the view or object.
  • Explore relations: All relations of the view, object or relation, presented graphically in an explore view. It can be used for exploring the relations.
  • Views: All diagrams and views the view is related to (view inspection) or the object or relation appears on (object/relation inspection).

On the inspect page you can view information, set favorites, further navigate the model via relations, further explore the relations, or navigate to related diagrams and views by clicking them.

Example of the inspect page of an object

Inspecting a view

  • Open a view in a site, and click Inspect at the top of the view.

Inspecting an object or relation

  1. Open a view in a site, and select an object or relation in it.
  2. In the properties panel that slides in from the right, click  at the top of the panel.