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You can suddenly not sign in to the Team Server or HoriZZon anymore using Azure AD. No changes have been made and error messages like "AADSTS650056:Misconfigured application" might appear.


During the configuration of the Azure AD authentication, the validity of the secret key has been set. It is possible that the validity of this key has expired. To check the validity of the secret key, do as follows:

  • Open Azure Active Directory, and go to App registrations > <name of your app> > Certificates & secrets. Make sure the key is valid.

If the key is valid, please contact BiZZdesign Support.

If the secret has expired, follow these steps to solve the problem:

  1. In Azure AD, in Certificates & secrets, click New client secret.

  2. Enter a description for the new client secret and set the new expiry date. The recommended option for this is Never.

  3. Send the new secret key to BiZZdesign Support. Contact BiZZdesign Support for this.