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BiZZdesign has a frequent release cycle, periodically offering you the latest features and improvements.

Customers with a cloud solution will be updated first. For the update scheme, please refer to Maintenance windows for the cloud solution.

7 April 2021: View the release notes.

The Enterprise Studio 4 release includes the following new features:

  • Data block editing improvements
  • Direct relation editing and use of population hierarchy in matrix chart
  • Use of population hierarchy in Landscape map
  • Additional filtering options for charts
  • Site creation improvements
  • Allowlisting for BiZdesign Open API
  • Increased limit for creating links using BiZZdesign Open API
  • Placing nested objects without child objects
  • Script methods for label text alignment
  • Various new script methods and improvements
  • Team Server is now HoriZZon Server
  • New features Data Policies, Data Entry, Data Maintenance
  • Improved group management for handling large numbers of users
  • Additional zooming options for HoriZZon views
  • Ability to show relations to relations in HoriZZon
  • Optimizations in Landscap map scaling
  • Ability to set graphical options per diagram/view
  • Support for line breaks in UML communication diagram labels
  • Create posters of HoriZZon views
  • Pinned viewpoints preserved across HoriZZon sessions
  • HoriZZon grid/list view preferences saved
  • Pin table view in HoriZZon
  • Extended default and maximum page size for Open API endpoints
  • Documentation included in BPMN export and import
  • Link from HoriZZon to BiZZdesign Academy
  • Elastic and Kibana update
  • Open API version 2 beta available, including use of external structural data
  • Grace period for expired licenses
  • Site creator and contact information
  • License seat information on user page
  • Group information in user export
  • Ability to specify object type in custom workflow form
  • Navigated relations in sites sorted alphabetically
  • Changed update procedure for on-premise Team Server
  • End of support for InSite Lite
  • Simplified sign-in page for Azure AD and SAML 2 based integrations
  • Team Server user information export to CSV
  • Team Server license information available for Admin users
  • New UML communication diagram
  • Improved search in Enterprise Studio
  • Import display values from ServiceNow
  • HoriZZon version available
  • Navigation control for cross-model relations to BPMN processes
  • Performance improvements for model package processing
  • Configurable navigation controls for BPMN models
  • Role assignment for Azure AD user provisioning
  • Configuring scope for matching objects
  • Group manage permissions for Team users
  • Collaboration manage permissions for Team users
  • Updated HoriZZon interface and new homepage
  • Consistency and visibility improvements for site functions
  • Query-based search for HoriZZon list pages
  • Role assignment for SAML2 user provisioning
  • New JDBC driver required for on-premise Team Server with integrated security
  • Optional data commit on closing shared model package or project

Software downloads

The downloads of the 26 February 2021 release are available on the BiZZdesign Support portal.

Software update/installation


If you have already installed a previous version of Enterprise Studio, update your Enterprise Studio to the latest version. For more information, please refer to Updating to a new Enterprise Studio release.

For information about possible release-specific actions when updating, please refer to Enterprise Studio release-specific required actions.


If you are installing Enterprise Studio for the first time, please refer to Enterprise Studio and HoriZZon Server installation.

Cloud solution

If you are working with the cloud solution Enterprise Studio Online, downloading a new default configuration is no longer needed for updating your model packages to the new release, unless you have a tool configuration containing customizations made outside the Metamodeler. If this is the case, please contact BiZZdesign Support to request the new default configuration. For updating instructions, please refer to Manually upgrading the tool configuration and migrating model packages to the new configuration.

Release notes

For an overview of the changes and bug fixes of older releases, view the release notes archives.

Known issues

For information about known issues in release, please refer to the known issues overview.