Bizzdesign has a frequent release cycle, periodically offering you the latest features and improvements in the Bizzdesign Horizzon platform.

Customers with a cloud solution will be updated first. For the update scheme, please refer to Maintenance windows for the Bizzdesign cloud solution. Installer files for the on-premise solution will be updated periodically. Not sure which solution you have? Check out Which Bizzdesign Horizzon software solution am I using?

9 August 2023: View the release notes for details.

  • API client identification in audit log events related to data blocks and definitions
  • API client permissions extended with model package access
  • RS512 hashing for authentication
  • Bizzdesign Open API: retrieve external ID of objects and relations
  • Full-screen mode for views and Horizzon BPMN diagrams in sites
  • Support for Arabic font in PDF/SVF posters of Horizzon BPMN diagrams
  • Fullscreen mode for externally shared Horizzon BPMN diagrams
  • Site search extended with data search

9 August 2023:

  • Full-screen mode for externally shared views

7 August 2023:

  • Improved protection from accidental deletion of objects with BPMN refinements
  • Improved Horizzon explore feature with new capabilities

31 July 2023:

  • Bug fixes

7 July 2023:

  • New business process modeling views (SIPOC, IGOE, Process architecture)
  • Editing data blocks on objects in Horizzon BPMN diagrams
  • BPMN refinement indication on objects in Enterprise Studio
  • PDF posters of BPMN diagrams with viewpoints
  • Additional security check when changing user e-mail address
  • Enhancements in updating standard indexes with data blocks
  • Customizable identity provider name for signing in using Azure AD
  • Metadata file available for SAML-based user configuration and synchronization

6 July 2023:

  • Change in (Lead) Designer and Contributor role dependency

21 June 2023:

  • Horizzon site search beta version 2
  • Generating table views for property/data block list fields
  • Creating PDF posters of Horizzon BPMN diagrams
  • SAML binding "HTTP Redirect" supported in SAML-based user configuration and synchronization

16 June 2023:

  • Bug fixes

13 June 2023:

  • Default pagination limit aligned for all client requests to server
  • Horizzon audit log extensions
  • Embedding views now possible when shared with limited number of users

26 May 2023:

  • Bug fixes.

12 may 2023:

  • Creating PDF posters of site views
  • Deprecated relations check now in accordance with ArchiMate 3.2 standard
  • Improved in-scope and selection indications when setting scope for sites
  • Option to switch between specific and general relation roles no longer available
  • Creating sites for projects no longer possible

9 May 2023:

  • Keyboard shortcuts for accessing object properties and BPMN diagrams in Horizzon

21 April 2023:

  • Available again: Data blocks in standard indexes for OpenSearch Dashboards
  • Create links between entities + entity and object in Bizzdesign Open API
  • Access to collapsed content in embedded Enterprise Studio diagrams and views
  • Modeling tasks included in weekly tasks summary e-mail
  • Exact date and time indication for dates in Horizzon

12 April 2023

  • Model-level data policies for ArchiMate objects
  • Open API version 2.0 available
  • Access policies via site
  • Link to custom help in Horizzon Resource Center
  • Horizzon user experience improvements
  • Create posters of Horizzon BPMN diagrams
  • Improved logging Enterprise Studio

3 April:

  • Bug fixes.

29 March 2023

  • Bug fixes.

9 March 2023:

  • Import and export of hyperlinks via Excel connection
  • Enabling embedded views, including IP allowlist configuration
  • IP allowlist configuration for Bizzdesign Open API
  • Documentation fields included in object retrieval via Open API
  • Sharing Horizzon created BPMN diagrams outside Horizzon
  • Performance improvements for Enterprise Studio, chart populations, ServiceNow connection, Open API data block value upload
  • Horizzon user experience improvements
  • Alphabetical ordering of object types when creating objects in Horizzon
  • ObjectsWithRole and relationsWithRole method parameter for specifying returned relation type

10 February 2023:

  • Retrieve object profile and metric data with Open API
  • Inline editing for data block table view
  • New ArchiMate standard views
  • Display improvements and additions on Horizzon homepage
  • Grouping and junction relations for Stakeholder view
  • Enterprise Studio log improvements

31 January 2023:

  • Bug fixes.

27 January 2023:

  • Bug fixes.

23 January 2023:

  • Implementation of ArchiMate 3.2 Specification
  • Data blocks available in standard indexes for OpenSearch Dashboards
  • Data block editing in Enterprise Studio
  • Horizzon process modeling additions and improvements
  • Performance improvements for opening model packages
  • Text wrap for Enterprise Studio label views
  • New "persistent" parameter for script method getTaggedValues

Software downloads

The following release downloads are available on the Bizzdesign Support portal.

On-premise Horizzon Server (Windows-based): 31 July 2023

On-premise Horizzon Server (Linux-based): 31 July 2023

Hybrid (cloud-based server): 31 July 2023

On-premise Horizzon Server Enterprise (Linux-based): 31 July 2023

Software update/installation


If you have already installed a previous version of Bizzdesign Horizzon, update your software to the latest version. For more information, please refer to Updating to a new Bizzdesign Horizzon release.

For information about possible release-specific actions when updating, please refer to Bizzdesign Horizzon release-specific required actions.


If you are installing Bizzdesign Horizzon for the first time, please refer to Bizzdesign Horizzon installation.

Cloud solution

If you are working with the cloud solution Enterprise Studio Online, downloading a new default configuration is no longer needed for updating your model packages to the new release, unless you have a tool configuration containing customizations made outside the Metamodeler. If this is the case, please contact Bizzdesign Support to request the new default configuration. For updating instructions, please refer to Manually upgrading the tool configuration and migrating model packages to the new configuration.

Release notes

For an overview of the changes and bug fixes of older releases, view the release notes archives.

Known issues

For information about known issues in release, please refer to the known issues overview.

End-of-support and end-of-life announcements

For an overview of end-of support announcements regarding features, platforms and browsers used with the Bizzdesign Horizzon platform, please refer to the announcements overview.