The release notes show the new features and enhancements that have been included in Enterprise Studio, HoriZZon and the HoriZZon Server, and the issues that have been fixed.

For each new release, you need to migrate your model packages with metamodels embedded (.xmam), or stored in your personal storage or on the HoriZZon Server to materialize the changes and fixes in the release.

Customers with a cloud solution will be updated first. For the update scheme, please refer to Maintenance windows for the cloud solution. The installer files for the on-premise solution will be updated later. Not sure which solution you have? Check out Which BiZZdesign software solution am I using?

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Release 20 January 2022

Availability: Cloud hosted only
HoriZZon Server (2022-01-20), Enterprise Studio (2021-11-26)

Bug fixes


Large views with many elements were displaced in HoriZZon sites.


Release 3 January 2022

Availability: Cloud hosted
HoriZZon Server (2022-01-03), Enterprise Studio (2021-11-26)

New features and enhancements



The text color for generated color views in HoriZZon has improved. When generating a color view on a view or diagram, the text color is now automatically adjusted to create a good contrast with its background color to keep the text readable at all times.


Improvements have been made in the performance of generated viewpoints in HoriZZon, for example, color views. The improvements are particularly noticeable for views with many objects.



The  Show Relations  window of the  Show Relations  function ( View  ribbon tab) dialog now presents the relations in the same sorting order as the model browser (alphabetically by name).


Bug fixes

Data integration

When using the BiZZdesign Open API to post a new data block definition to a model package or project that does not exist, it would result in an internal server error. From now on, the proper "invalid API usage" message will be shown.


When trying to upload data block definitions from a project, an error occurred.



In very large model packages, double-clicking a relation on a view would turn Enterprise Studio unresponsive for a considerable amount of time.


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