After setting up data policies for data blocks, any data blocks without policies remain editable to Contributor users with access to the sites the blocks are in. They can still edit the data blocks in the sites. If you do not want this to be possible, you can set a strict data block write access. With strict access, nobody can edit data blocks that do not have a data policy specified.

Strict write access is set on model package level; the limitations will be set for all data blocks in that model package. To fully control write access for all data blocks in all model packages you need to set strict access for each model package containing data blocks without data policies specified.

Required roles

Lead Designer


  1. In the sidebar menu, click Packages, and then click  next to the model package for which you want to set strict mode.

    Alternatively, you can click the model package's icon, and then in the sidebar menu click Manage.

  2. In the Manage package menu, go to Package, and then in Data block write access, select the Strict option.

  3. Click Apply to save the changes.

From now on, no Contributor user will be able to edit data blocks that do no have a data policy specified.