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In portfolio management, metrics can be set to score elements in portfolios. Metrics can also be used with a time dimension. This is often done in the context of time modeling in an ArchiMate® model, like life cycle management. When you are using your metrics for portfolio management, you define the population for your portfolio and then score the metrics for each element in this population to add metric values to the elements.

If you do not use your metrics for portfolio management, you can score metric values by linking your metrics to elements and adding values. It can be done through the properties form of the object or relation.

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Linking metrics to an element

  1. Open a view containing the object or relation you want to link metrics to.

  2. Select the element and click  to open its properties form.

  3. In the properties form, click the Metrics tab. If the tab is not visible, enlarge the properties form to make it visible, or use the  controls to navigate to the tab.

  1. Click  on the left side of the form, and select a metric. The metric is added to the properties form. If the selected metric is an aggregate metric, it is shown in gray.

  2. Click the value cell of the metric and set the value. You can only set values for base metrics, not for aggregate metrics. The value of an aggregate metric is calculated based on the scores of its base metrics.

The metric is now linked to the object or relation. More metrics can be added if needed.

If you use the object or relation for time modeling, you can also add life cycle stages to the metrics.

Changing a metric value of an element

You can change the value of a metric by clicking the value cell of a metric in the properties form and enter a different value. You cannot directly change the value of an aggregate metric. You need to change the values of one or more of the base metrics the aggregate metric is composed of to change the aggregate metric's value.

Removing the link between a metric and an element

If an element should no longer be linked to a metric, you can remove the link between a metric and the element by removing the metric from the element's properties form. The metric can only be removed from the properties form if it has no value. If it does, the value needs to be removed first.

  1. In the element's properties form, on the Metrics tab, click  in front of a metric to put the metric in edit mode.

  2. Click the cross control in the right corner of the value cell, and subsequently click the cross control in the metric cell.

The metric is now removed from properties form and no longer linked to the element.

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