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As of Enterprise Studio 3.1, a new Business Model Canvas is available in the ArchiMate® model for tighter integration with the ArchiMate modeling language and with other canvas-based strategy views in the ArchiMate model. It replaces the Business Model Canvas in the BMC metamodel.

This topic discusses the Business Model Canvas in the BMC metamodel, and mainly serves as support for existing BMC models. For modeling a new Business Model Canvas, please refer to Modeling a Business Model Canvas. For general information about the Business Model Canvas in ArchiMate models, see Strategy and business modeling in Enterprise Studio.

It is possible to map your Business Model Canvas onto an ArchiMate model. When a Business Model Canvas is mapped, it is "translated" into an ArchiMate model. The different categories of BMC sticky notes are changed into to ArchiMate objects and added to an ArchiMate model. 

The ArchiMate model contains the following:

  • ArchiMate objects based on the sticky notes from the Business Model Canvas.
  • A Total view with name "Business model canvas" with the Business Model Canvas modeled on it using the ArchiMate objects.
  • Several Total views, each containing a collection of ArchiMate objects, grouped by the BMC sticky note categories. For example a Total view with channels, with key activities, with revenue streams, etc.

Example of a Business Model Canvas mapped onto an ArchiMate model


  1. Make sure your model package with the Business Model Canvas does also contain an ArchiMate model onto which the Business Model Canvas can be mapped. If not, add a new ArchiMate model.

  2. On the Business Model tab, in the Analyze group, click ArchiMate Mapping.

  3. In the Select BMC diagram window, select the Business model diagram that you want to map, and click OK.

  4. In the Target ArchiMate model window, select the ArchiMate model onto which the Business model diagram must be mapped, and click OK.

In the model browser, the model package has been extended with a folder "Cross-model relations", and the ArchiMate model has been extended with a folder "BMC generated views" containing the new ArchiMate objects, a Business Model Canvas Total view, with below that a number of Total views, for each BMC category one. Example:

ArchiMate model with mapped Business Model Canvas

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