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ServiceNow and SQL connection only

In a mapping, relations between objects can also be specified as entries in a separate ServiceNow or SQL table with a "from" field and "to" field that are references to other tables. 

The entries of such a relation table can be mapped onto a relation, using mapping relations. These mapping relations are drawn from the relation table to the metarelation representing the relation, and from the relation table columns to the metarelation properties and connectors.

Mapping of a relation table in a ServiceNow mapping

The figure below illustrates the mapping of a ServiceNow relation table onto a metarelation in a ServiceNow. The mapping shows an example in which access relations between software components (mapped onto ArchiMate® application components) and data (mapped onto ArchiMate data objects) are specified as entries in the ServiceNow "BiZZ Access" table, with a "from" field and "to" field that are references to other tables.

Mapped relation table entries in a ServiceNow mapping

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