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The Enterprise Studio ribbon contains the following standard tabs: File, Home, View, Report, and Window. These tabs provide access to the general functions of the tool.

Additionally, there are tabs with functions that are specific to a modeling language or method, like ArchiMate® or BPMN. These tabs have the name of the associated metamodel. The tabs appear only if the open model package contains a model of this metamodel and if the ribbon is in Expert mode.

For example, if you have a model package containing an ArchiMate model, the tabs ArchiMate, EPM, Implementation and migrationMotivation, and Quality are available in the ribbon. Other metamodels have their own tabs.

Metamodel tabs for an ArchiMate model

The functions on the metamodel tab are divided in different groups and vary from analysis functions to reporting and exporting. Which functions are available, depends on the metamodel.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.