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During validation of your customizations, you keep getting error messages related to elements that you have removed from the model earlier on. This problem can happen because of the way Enterprise Studio caches information. 


  1. Save your metamodel package, close it, and reopen it.
  2. Validate your customizations again.

Any error messages related to removed elements should be gone now. To remove all caching, you need to close and reopen a model package.

After clicking the Preview  command to see your customizations, receive a message similar to the one below.

It means that you have probably created a metamodel package based on a locally stored model package (.xma or .xmam). The message, however, does not explicitly mention this. Creating metamodel packages should only be done for tracked and shared model packages. These are model packages that are stored in your personal storage or on Horizzon.


  1. Leave the metamodel package open, and store the model package it is generated from (and which is still open) in your personal storage or on Horizzon.
  2. Return to the metamodel package and preview the customizations again.

If you (accidentally) selected a project to apply your customizations to, a confirmation message similar to the one below will appear.

This can be confusing, possibly making you think the customizations have been applied to the project after all. This is not the case, and the customizations have not been applied to the model package either. You should only apply your customizations to a tracked or shared model package, not to a project.


  • Perform the Apply command again, and select the tracked or shared model package you want to apply the customizations to.