The Bizzdesign Connect functionality in Enterprise Studio supports exchanging model information between Enterprise Studio and external applications. Model data can be imported in Enterprise Studio and can be exported from the tool to the external data source. Bizzdesign Connect supports model data exchange with Microsoft Excel® workbooks, ServiceNow® tables, Elasticsearch indexes (for Kibana), and SQL databases used by Microsoft SQL Server®, MySQL® and IBM DB2® (only tested for Windows®, Linux® is unknown).

The information exchange in each connection is based on a data connection that is created in Enterprise Studio. Mappings in the connection identify the relationships between model data in Enterprise Studio and the external data source. Depending on your needs, you can create multiple connections to exchange the desired model information.

By repeatedly executing a data connection in some direction (import or export), data can be exchanged between Enterprise Studio and the external data source over and over again.

Information from the following models can be exchanged using a connection:







ArchiMate® models





ERD models


UML® models


Excel connection

With the Excel connection data is exchanged with Excel files that are accessed using the installed Microsoft Excel application. If you do not have Excel installed, there is still the possibility to import and export Excel worksheets, but with a few limitations. For more information about this solution, see Import and export of Excel worksheets using an ADOdb connection

Example of an Excel connection

ServiceNow connection

With the ServiceNow connection data is exchanged with tables on the ServiceNow platform available in your organization. The connection makes use of the REST API of the ServiceNow platform to exchange data.

Example of a ServiceNow connection

You can also use the Bizzdesign Integration app for ServiceNow to automate integration and configuration between ServiceNow and the Bizzdesign Horizzon platform. The integration allows you to analyze and dynamically visualize your IT service and delivery infrastructures in the context of your enterprise architecture. You can set up your integration and automate the import of ServiceNow data into Bizzdesign Horizzon.

SQL connection

With the SQL connection data is exchanged with tables in an SQL database. The connection makes use of SQL queries to exchange data. Enterprise Studio uses an OLE DB or ODBC API to connect to an SQL database. For more information, see Required drivers for the SQL connection.

Example of an SQL connection

Kibana connection

The Kibana connection is used for exporting data from Enterprise Studio to Elasticsearch, a document store, where the data is stored and indexed. The connection identifies which model information is sent to the custom index in Elasticsearch, and from there to the Kibana index pattern. The index pattern can be used for creating Horizzon dashboards.

The added value of creating custom indexes over a standard index in Kibana is that you can include relationships between objects. A custom index pattern can be extended to include a chain of relationships.

The Kibana connection also supports data import from Elasticsearch, but this is a rarely used scenario.

Example of a Kibana connection

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