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The Strategy on a Page view can be used to support storytelling by offering the possibility to combine different types of information (strategic, tactical, operational). Information from different strategy and business model views can be combined in this view. The Strategy on a Page makes use of three different types of strategy blocks which can be used to group and visualize this information:

  • Textual block: Elements that are included are displayed as a list with bullet points.
  • Graphical block: Elements that are included are displayed using their original notation.
  • View block: For views only. An image of the selected view is displayed, which updates based on changes in the selected view. Clicking a view block will open the view.

The Strategy on a Page is one of the strategy views for ArchiMate® modeling and makes use of specific ArchiMate concepts.

Example of a Strategy on a Page


  1. In your ArchiMate model in the model browser, right-click the folder in which you want to add the Strategy on a Page, and then click  New > Strategy > Strategy on a Page.

  2. Click the newly added view in the model browser to open it. An empty strategy view is shown.

  3. Determine what information you want to display in the view, and add a textual, graphical or view strategy block to the view using the quick-create pop-up window. How?

  4. Add the information to the block, and resize and move the block if needed. Depending on the type of block, do the following:

    View strategy block: Drag a view from the model browser onto the block.

    Textual or graphical strategy block: Select the block, click , and define the population for the block. It is similar to defining the population of a chart. Alternatively, you can drag the elements of the population from the model browser onto the block. That can be a simpler way if you want to add a single or a few separate elements.

    It is also possible to define the population of the block using a script. In that case, select the block, click  on the left side of the block, and click  to select the viewpoint containing the script.

  5. If needed, rename the strategy blocks. Select a block, press F2, and type the name for the block.

Additional components for the view

To complete your Strategy on a Page, you can also include other displays or units of information like charts and shortcuts, in addition to the strategy blocks. 

If you have views that you do not want to be shown in the strategy view, but still want to be accessible from this view, create shortcuts of these views. Just drag a view from the model browser onto the strategy view. Double-clicking the shortcut will open the view.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.