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An attribute that contains object references or a collection of object references cannot be mapped directly onto a table column. The type of object that is referred to should be modeled as well, meaning that an extra metaobject must be added to the mapping. 

A reference relation must be created between the attribute and the new metaobject, and the referred object type must be mapped onto a column. In case of a ServiceNow mapping, this column can be located in a different table in the mapping, meaning that an additional reference relation needs to be created between the attribute and this other table.

Object references in an Excel mapping

The figure below illustrates an object reference in an Excel connection. Attribute "1 in development" contains a collection of references to plateau objects. Therefore the plateau object type is modeled explicitly, and a reference relation is created to model that the attribute refers to instances of this type. The referred object type "Plateau" is mapped onto a column.

Object reference in an Excel mapping

Object references in a ServiceNow mapping

The figure below illustrates the use of object references in a ServiceNow connection. Business process attribute "manager" contains a reference to a business actor.

The corresponding ServiceNow column "manager" is a reference to a different table, which contains information that is mapped onto a business actor. Both references should be modeled explicitly with the reference relation.

Object references in a ServiceNow mapping