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About the Archimate modeling language

The ArchiMate® modeling language can be used for modeling enterprise architectures. It offers an integrated approach that describes and visualizes the different architecture domains (business, application, and technology layer) and their underlying relations and dependencies. Physical elements are available for adding to the technology layer.

Additionally, the language supports the representation of the enterprise architecture over time using implementation and migration elements and modeling what drives the design and operation of the enterprise using motivation elements. Strategy elements can be used to model the strategic aspects of the enterprise.

For extensive information about the ArchiMate language and its use, please refer to the official ArchiMate specification, or visit the website of The Open Group (

Examples of views in an ArchiMate model

ArchiMate modeling

A number of different views are available in Enterprise Studio for modeling your enterprise architecture. There a general views allowing modeling all kinds of elements like the Total view, and a number of views suitable to model in a specific context, like the Business process view, Application cooperation view, and Technology view. All views are modeled in one or more ArchiMate models.

If desired, ArchiMate portfolio management can be included in an ArchiMate model, or risk and security aspects.

ArchiMate modeling language in Enterprise Studio

A basic understanding of the ArchiMate modeling language is assumed for modeling with the language in Enterprise Studio.

Use of colors

The different concepts in the ArchiMate functionality in the tool have their own default color. The ArchiMate specification does not prescribe colors to be used for the concepts. Colors do not have a formal meaning and can be changed freely by the user.

Templates and example models

Enterprise Studio includes a number of example ArchiMate models. These example models can be viewed and used as inspiration for your own models, but you can also edit them yourself.

Model templates are available if you prefer to start with an empty model with only a few basics for your ArchiMate model.

Contents of the documentation

The ArchiMate documentation focuses on the basics of modeling with the ArchiMate modeling language in Enterprise Studio. It supports the ArchiMate 3.1 specification. For a more detailed explanation and application of the ArchiMate language, please refer to third-party ArchiMate documentation, or visit The Open Group website ( for the official ArchiMate specification.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.