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Team Server is now called HoriZZon Server. While the new name is being implemented in the software and on the Support pages, the old name may still be visible in places until the process is completed. See also Team Server is now HoriZZon Server.

When opting to switch from using Enterprise Studio Online to an Enterprise Studio on-premise client, you should address or consider the following items to avoid usage experience pitfalls. When switching, you keep using HoriZZon.

Suspending contributions

To avoid encountering model package and project conflicts and random hangs when opening them on the target client, it is important to suspend contributing to all HoriZZon model packages and projects on the current client being used.

Before suspending contributing, ensure that you have saved all uncommitted work by committing it before suspending. If you are not ready to commit your work yet, you can alternatively choose to save the model package or project as an XMAM file. After you have moved to Enterprise Studio on-premise, you can open the model package or project again from HoriZZon and open the XMAM file, and then copy you uncommitted work from the XMAM to the HoriZZon model package or project. After that, you continue working on the model package or project.

  1. In Enterprise Studio, go to File > Open, and then click the HoriZZon storage (where the model packages and projects are located).

  2. Click  next to a model package or project on the list. It will turn to .

  3. Click OK.

Perform the above steps for each model package and project in the list until they all have been suspended.

Securing other model packages and work files

If you have created XMAM files before suspending your model packages and projects and/or if you have other work files stored in your Home folder or Temporary Files folder like reports and import/export files, secure them by downloading them from your hosted environment and store them somewhere local. You may need these files when you continue working on-premise.

If you have model packages stored in you personal storage, they will not be automatically migrated. There are two ways of securing them. Please take note that these model packages will lose their history, regardless of the solution you choose.

Option 1

  1. Open the model packages one by one and save them as XMAM files. Store them in the Home folder or Temporary Files folder.

  2. Download the model packages from your hosted environment and store them somewhere local in your on-premise environment. How?

  3. Start your on-premise Enterprise Studio, open the model packages one by one, and save them into your personal storage.

Option 2

  1. Save the model packages from your personal storage one by one on HoriZZon.

  2. Start your on-premise Enterprise Studio, open the model packages from HoriZZon, and store them into your personal storage.


There is no additional license seat required when switching between Enterprise Studio Online and Enterprise Studio on-premise client if you already have Designer seats. A seat can be used with an on-premise installation of Enterprise Studio as well as the cloud solution, regardless of the HoriZZon installation (on-premise or hosted).

When switching from Enterprise Studio Online to Enterprise Studio on-premise client, you need to retrieve the license to activate the Enterprise Studio on-premise installation from your hosted HoriZZon Server. This is a one-time operation when starting Enterprise Studio on-premise for the first time. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Enterprise Studio on-premise client. The following message appears:

  2. Click OK, go to File > Open, and click Add storage place.

  3. In the Add Storage Place wizard, in Server, specify the URL of your HoriZZon (which has the form: https://<Name>, or maybe still https://<Name>

  4. Click Next, and then Finish.

  5. A pop-up window of the Activity Console appears, in which you need to authenticate. Proceed to authenticate the way you normally do when accessing your hosted environment to launch Enterprise Studio Online. Example:

    This includes authentication via single sign-on. Single sign-on (SSO) with your hosted environment is possible when installing Enterprise Studio on-premise because the HTTP client in the Activity Console supports SSO authentication. After authenticating, Enterprise Studio on-premise will retrieve the license from the HoriZZon Server accordingly.

  6. If authentication is successful, the pop-up window will automatically close. Click Finish to complete.

Your on-premise installation of Enterprise Studio is now licensed.