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When you move from an on-premise installation of Enterprise Studio to Enterprise Studio Online, the hosted solution, BiZZdesign will set up a new environment for you to use, and you will need to to move your model packages and configuration in order for them to work in the new environment.

This topic describes the steps you need to perform in order to move all of your model packages from a locally installed Team Server (on-premise) to Enterprise Studio Online and a hosted Team Server.

Preparing your model packages

Model packages that you have stored on the Team Server and in your personal storage need to be prepared before you can transfer them to Enterprise Studio Online. They will not be automatically migrated. Please take note that the model packages will lose their history when preparing them.

  1. In your on-premise Enterprise Studio, open a model package from the Team Server or from your personal storage.

  2. Go to File > Save as > Computer> Browse.

  3. Set Save as type to *.xmam, select a temporary location to save your model package, and click Save.

Preparing your custom configuration for the latest Enterprise Studio release

This section is only applicable if you use a custom configuration. If you use the default configuration, continue with the next section.

When moving to Enterprise Studio Online, it is likely that you will also start using a newer version of Enterprise Studio. As per standard procedure, your configuration needs to be upgraded to work with the latest Enterprise Studio release. Follow the instructions to upgrade your custom configuration: Updating to a new Enterprise Studio release.

Transferring your model packages to Enterprise Studio Online

Please take note that for the procedure below it is assumed you have used the Metamodeler for customizations. If your configuration includes any changes made outside the Metamodeler, do not perform the procedure below. Instead,contact BiZZdesign Support for more information.

  1. Start Enterprise Studio Online. For more information: Starting and ending an Enterprise Studio Online session.

  2. Transfer your model packages to the Home folder. How?

  3. In Enterprise Studio, go to File > Open > Computer > Browse, and select the model package (.xmam) from the Home folder.

  4. Go to File > Save as, select your organization's Team Server or your personal storage, choose a name for your model package and add a description.

  5. Click Save. The model package is now stored. If the model package is stored on the Team Server, you can invite users to the model package.

  6. Repeat steps 3 or 4 through 6 for all model packages in the Home folder.