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A site in HoriZZon can be navigated in different ways.

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Opening a site

  1. In the sidebar menu, click Sites. The Sites page shows all sites that you can access. These are sites that have been shared with you, or that you have created yourself.

  2. Click a site to open it. The site's start view is shown, if set. If not set, an overview page is displayed, showing all diagrams and views available on the site.

From the start view you can start viewing information about objects and relations by clicking them.

Browsing views

After opening a site, click Views  in the sidebar menu. The Views page is shown. It contains all diagrams and views available in the site. Click a diagram or view to open it.

To return to the views overview again, click Views in the sidebar again. To return to the start view of the site, click Start  in the sidebar.

Basically, everywhere in the site where a thumbnail of a diagram or view is visible, you can click it to open it. Clicking an object or relation in a diagram or view will show the Properties panel with information of the selected element. You can use it to inspect the element.

Browsing models

Instead of navigating a site via the views, you can also browse its models. To do this, click Browse  in the sidebar menu.

The complete contents of a site is shown in a tree structure. By expanding and clicking components their content is shown on the right. Click a thumbnail on the right to open it.

By default, the items shown on the right are sorted by name. You can change the sorting by using the drop-down box at the top. After you have selected a sorting type, click the arrow next to it to sort ascending or descending.