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Model objects in a site that have cross-model relations are marked with a  control. Cross-model relations can be explored like regular relations, but the control can be used to directly navigate to the linked element. 

If the linked element is a single object, clicking the control will open the properties panel of the linked object. If the linked element is a diagram or view, then this diagram or view is opened.

In case an object has multiple cross-model relations (defined in Enterprise Studio), only one cross-model relation can be shown. Clicking the control will show the properties panel of the linked element that has been set in Enterprise Studio as the preferred relation. If no preferred relation has been set, the properties panel of any of the linked elements will be opened after clicking the control.

Model objects can also have cross-model relations that are not shown. There is no cross-model control visible on these objects. In that case the controls have been hidden for publication.