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All regular model information coming from metamodels and models that is presented in sites in HoriZZon is read-only, and can be viewed and used for analysis goals, like in generated viewpoints, charts and dashboards. In addition to this information, HoriZZon supports adding self-defined model information to objects, and editing this info in sites.

To enable online editing so-called document definitions with property fields can be defined for objects in a model package, and then uploaded to a central document store. These property fields determine the information that can be edited in HoriZZon.

Any user can create a document definition and upload it to the document store. Once uploaded to the document store, the information defined in the document definition is available in HoriZZon sites associated with the model package containing the definition. The self-defined information has its own section in the properties panel of the element the information relates to. Any user can view this information.

Required roles

Contributor: Edit self-defined information in HoriZZon sites.

Designer or Lead Designer: Create and edit document definitions in Enterprise Studio.

Like the regular information from the metamodels and models, the self-defined information can be used for analysis goals in viewpoints, charts and dashboards.

Please take note that the self-defined information and associated values in HoriZZon are stored separately from the model package information that is stored on the Team Server. The self-defined properties and their associated values can be retrieved in Enterprise Studio, but they are read-only.

Editable self-defined information "Application info" for application components