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Customizing a metamodel always starts with opening the metamodel you want to change. Determine which tracked or shared model package's configuration you want to use as a basis for the customizations before opening a metamodel.

You cannot use locally stored model packages (.xma, .xmam) or projects as a basis for opening a metamodel. A project is a collaboration based on a model package. Any desired changes in its configuration need to be made based on its master model package. After that, a project can be updated with the configuration contribution of the master model package.

If you want to make customizations in multiple metamodels, make sure that you make new customizations to one metamodel at the time. Do not start on customizations in another metamodel if you have not yet implemented the ones from the previous metamodel.

Required roles

Lead Designer

Opening a metamodel
  1. Open the tracked or shared model package that contains the metamodel you want to customize.

  2. On the File tab, click Manage Package > Manage Configuration, and click the metamodel you want to customize.

    Before you open a metamodel to start customizations, check its version. If the metamodel is not based on the current tool configuration, then upgrade the model package first by clicking Upgrade configuration. If the metamodels of the model package are running behind, it will be indicated in the text below Manage the configuration tool version.

A new instance of Enterprise Studio opens with a representation of the metamodel from your model package, and an empty Custom Profile Definition view in which you can start modeling.

With an open metamodel package, Enterprise Studio is in "metamodel" mode; the tool shows a different ribbon with fewer tabs, but including the Metamodel tab. This tab is used when customizing the metamodel. That way is it always clear whether you are modeling in metamodel mode or modeling in regular models.

Example of a new ArchiMate® metamodel package

Adding additional views

You can use multiple views to organize your metamodel customizations.

  1. In the model browser, right-click the metamodel , point to New, and click the Profile Definition view.

    The new view appears in the model browser.

  2. Click the newly added view in the model browser to open it.

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