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Each time you open a model package, a new instance of Enterprise Studio is opened. Opening multiple model packages results in multiple program windows, each containing a model package.

  1. On the File tab, click Open, and click Computer, or press Ctrl+O.

  2. Click Browse and navigate to the location where the model package is located.

  3. Select the model package and click Open.

Opening a recently used model package

To open a recently use model package, follow these steps:

  1. On the File tab, click Open, and click Recent.

  2. In the list, click the model package you want to open.

Default work location

The location Enterprise Studio opens when you open a model package via File > Open > Computer is the location you last used in a random Window application to access files.

If you want to set a specific location where the tool should always look first when you open a model package, for example because the model packages are usually stored there, click File > Options and set the location in Default working folder on the General tab.


When you save a model packageEnterprise Studio automatically generates a backup of the original file, with the extension .BK1. Hence, you can always recover an older model package version. Model packages made with the previous Enterprise Studio release are automatically converted to latest tool format, when they are used in Enterprise Studio.