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Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer


  1. On the File tab, click Open, and in the list select the Team Server where the model package is located. 

  2. Click the model package  you want to open.

    If the model package has contributions from other users that have not yet been applied to the package, a window appears asking you if you want to update the model package with these contributions upon opening.

    Choose what you want to do: Click Yes if you want to update the model package with these contributions. If not, click No.

    If you do not wish to see the message again, select Apply the same answer every time without asking before clicking Yes or No. After that, each time the model package will be directly opened according to your given answer.

    To restore showing the message, use the Reset button for showing messages on the General tab of the Enterprise Studio Options. It will restore any deactivated message windows to the default situation, so that they will be shown again.

The model package is now opened in the model browser. You can start working on it.

When you open a model package from the Team Server for the first time, it is downloaded and a copy of the model package is placed on your computer. This is your working copy of the centrally stored model package.

The very first operation you perform on a downloaded model package may take a bit longer. This is a one-time thing.