A business model defined with the help of the Business Model Canvas view can be analyzed from the perspective of its resilience to potential scenarios. This kind of analysis is typically called a business model stress test and can be performed with the help of the Scenario analysis view. The results of the analysis can be visualized in the Business Model Canvas. Before any stress test can be performed a on business model, a Scenario analysis view needs to be created from the Business Model Canvas.


  1. Open the canvas menu, and click  to open the Scenario analyses window.

    Business Model Canvas stress test

    If there are no scenario analyses available, create one first. Then return to the Business Model Canvas. The scenario analysis will be available in the Scenario analyses window.

  2. Click one of the available scenarios  to run it (click  to stop the scenario again).

  3. At the top of the canvas, click  next to one of the metrics at the top of the canvas to view the results in the Business Model Canvas (click  to hide the results again). Only one metric can be activated at a time.

    To also show the assessment descriptions from the Scenario view, click  next to Assessments at the top of the canvas.

Business Model Canvas stress test results

Example of stress test results of a Business Model Canvas