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A model can be printed as a whole, but also a part of it.


  1. In the model browser, select the model or its component you want to print.

  2. On the File tab, click Print > Print.

  3. In the Print window, in Print what?, choose whether you wish to print the whole model (Model), or specific diagrams or views from the model (Diagrams), and select the diagrams/views you want to include.

  4. Click OK.

Print preview

A print preview can be generated as follows:

  • On the File tab, click Print > Print Preview.

Create poster

A poster can be created as follows:

  • In the ribbon, click Report > Poster.


  • On the File tab, click Print > Create Poster.

For more information about the printing options or creating a poster, see Printing models and Creating a poster of a diagram or view.