In Enterprise Studio, models or parts of it can be directly printed on any printer available on your system.

  1. Make sure that at least one diagram of view of the model you want to print from is open.

  2. On the File tab, click Print > Print, or press Ctrl+P.

  3. In Printer, select the desired printer or print option.

    When clicking Properties you can change the properties of the printer, like which printer, double sided printing, paper size, etc. (options depending on your printer).

    Please note that the page setup for printing models is specified separately. You can do this via clicking File > Print > Page Setup. The settings in this window are also used for RTF reports. See RTF settings for reporting models for information about the settings.

  4. In Print what?, specify what you want to print.

    Select Model if you want to print all diagrams and views in the model. When printing the complete model, Enterprise Studio will print the diagrams and views in the order in which they appear in the model browser.

    Select Diagrams if you want to print only specific diagrams or views from the model. In the list, select the diagram(s) and/or view(s) you want to print.

  5. Optional: In Copies, set the number of copies to be printed. Default value is 1.

  6. Optional: If you want a diagram or view to be printed over multiple pages instead of 1, select the option next to Fit each diagram and set the desired number of pages. This option can be very useful when a large printout of the model is needed. The printed pages can later easily be taped to each other.

  7. Click OK to start the print job.

Including viewpoints

If you want to include viewpoints when printing diagrams or views, make sure that these viewpoints are activated in the corresponding diagrams and views. When printing diagrams and views, the information that is currently shown in the diagram or view will be printed. For example, when you have activated a color view, this view is included when printing.

Print preview

It is possible to make a print preview of the selected diagram or view. This preview shows the diagram or view as it will be printed on the selected printer. The preview allows showing several pages at the same time, and zooming in and out. You can get a print preview by clicking Print preview active diagram in the Print window, but you can also get it via File > Print > Print Preview.

Example of a print preview