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Exchanging model information between Enterprise Studio and Excel workbooks, ServiceNow tables, or SQL databases is possible for ArchiMate® models and ERD models. Realizing model information exchange includes the following steps: 

Create a Connection model

The first step is creating a Connection model. Connections with external applications are defined as part of a model package, and they are stored in their own Connection model within the model package, next to the model you want to exchange model information with.

Create a connection

In the Connection model, a connection needs to be created that represents the information that is exchanged between Enterprise Studio and the external application or data source. It can be an Excel, ServiceNow or SQL connection, or multiple connections, even of different types.

Within a connection, mappings are defined to identify and organize the information that needs to be exchanged.

Validation of the connection

Before import or export, the connection should be checked for possible errors by validating it, to ensure that the connection is correct and that the right data is imported or exported.

Validation can be or is automatically - depending on the connection type - performed at the start of the import or export process, but can also be done beforehand during the definition of the connection.

Perform an import or export

Once a connection has been defined, it can be executed to exchange model information. Model data can repeatedly be imported from the external data source into Enterprise Studio, or exported from Enterprise Studio to the external data source.

BiZZdesign Connect also supports configuring periodic import and export for your model data.

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