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This information only applies to a locally installed Enterprise Studio, not to the hosted solution Enterprise Studio Online.


When running Enterprise Studio in a virtualized Windows environment, for example, on a Mac using Virtualbox, the quick-create pop-up window for creating objects and relations in a diagram or view, is not working well. When clicking an object in a diagram or view just to select it, the quick-create pop-up window appears almost every time, interfering with the operation you are trying to perform.

This is caused by the fact that the virtualized Windows environment is registering the wrong mouse click. The quick-create pop-up window should only appear after a long mouse click (click and briefly hold down the mouse button). Instead, it already appears after a normal click.


In order to improve the behavior of the quick-create pop-up window, you can try the following options:

  • Activate the Use touch-based interface for modeling area option on the Advanced tab of the Enterprise Studio Options.

  • Use a different emulator, for example Parallels.

  • In MacOS, in the app settings, change the Open in Low Resolution setting to ON for /Applications/VirtualBox/ VirtualBox has issues running Windows 10 with very high resolution screens in MacOS.