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Team Server is now called HoriZZon Server. While the new name is being implemented in the software and on BiZZdesign Support, the old name may still be visible in places until the process has been completed. For more information, please refer to Team Server is now HoriZZon Server.

Sometimes, large model packages that are stored on the HoriZZon Server can take a while to open. Upon opening a model package that the user has never opened before, Enterprise Studio will retrieve all commits from the server and make a local copy of these commits. This can be a time-consuming process when there are a lot of commits. The "Prepared Working Copy" setting can be used to reduce the loading time.

When enabling "Prepared Working Copy", HoriZZon Server will take care of making a copy of all commits and prepare it for download. That way, the user will save a considerable amount of time when opening a model package for the first time. 

Please take note that enabling "Prepared Working Copy" does not apply to the loading time of opening an earlier contribution from the timeline. Restoring a model package to a previous state requires all commits to be downloaded separately.

Enabling the setting can be done during a new Enterprise Studio installation or when updating to a new release, but basically it can be done at any time.


  1. Open the application.conf file in the HoriZZonServerHome\conf folder, and remove the # from the following lines at the bottom of the file:

    #  enabled = true
    #  storage = "file"

    #jobsDataPath = "C:/<set_path>"
    #commitTransformerPath = "C:/HoriZZonServerHome/CoreModeller/CoreModeller.exe"

  2. Set a location for jobsDataPath. The prepared working copies will be placed in this path. If needed, you can consult the sytem requirements for the HoriZZon Server disk space requirements.

  3. Save the changes and close the file.

  4. If the HoriZZon Server and HoriZZon Worker were still running when making the changes to the application.conf file, stop them and restart their services for the new setting to take effect.