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If you have received an invitation to join the Team Server, you need to register. Registering with the Team Server enables you to access the Team Server and HoriZZon, but also provides you with a software license for working on model packages and projects in you locally installed  Enterprise Studio, if needed.


  1. Click the link in the Team Server invitation mail you have received.

  2. The registration page of the Team Server is opened in your web browser. Enter your details and a password, and click Register.

  3. After a successful registration, the sign-in page appears. Enter your Team Server credentials in the appropriate boxes, and then click Sign in.

You are now registered with the Team Server:

If you are working with a locally installed Enterprise Studio and do not have the Designer or Lead Designer role, or if you are working with Enterprise Studio Online (cloud solution), you are now ready. The Team Server and HoriZZon are available to you, and you can start working with them. To find out which role(s) you have been assigned, click your profile icon  in the top left corner of the page, and then click Manage profile.

Only if you are working with a locally installed Enterprise Studio and have the Designer or Lead Designer role, continue with the following steps to complete the preparations for working with the Team Server and HoriZZon.

Adding the Team Server to Enterprise Studio

  1. In HoriZZon, click your profile icon, and then click Download configuration for Enterprise Studio. Store the configuration file (*.jssc) somewhere local on your computer where you can easily access it.

  2. Open your Enterprise Studio. The following message appears. Click OK to close it.

  3. Drag the previously downloaded configuration file onto the application window, and release the mouse button when the mouse pointer turns into .

    As earlier shown in the license message, you can also add the Team Server via File > Open > Add storage place. A third option to add the Team Server is via File > Options, on the Storage Places tab. Here you can also remove the Team Server, if needed.

  4. In the Add Storage Place wizard that appears, in Server, the address of the Team Server is shown.

    Accept all server certificates: If HTTPS is used to connect to the Team Server, the Accept all server certificates check box is available. If you select the check box, checking on certificates is relaxed, meaning that one could possibly communicate with an imposter Team Server. Leave the check box blank if you do not want this. If you are not sure what to choose, consult your application manager.

    Proxy settings: If you are using a proxy server, it will automatically be detected when adding the storage place, and used for the connection between Enterprise Studio and the storage place. However, if automatic detection does not work in your situation (for example due to security reasons), you can manually specify the proxy settings here. For more information, see Using a proxy for the storage place connection. If you are not sure what to do, consult your application manager.

  5. Click Next to continue, and on the next page of the wizard, click Finish.

  6. A pop-up window of the Activity Console appears. Enter your Team Server credentials and click Sign in to authenticate with the Team Server.

The Team Server is now available as a storage place in Enterprise Studio. Model packages and projects you have been invited to, are available on this location. You can open them and start working on them.