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InSite Lite can be used to export models or parts of models from Enterprise Studio for creating visual reports. InSite Lite is a web-based reporting tool that allows you to create visual reports of the models in your model package. An InSite Lite report provides an overview of all diagrams and views that are selected for the report and through which you can navigate.

Example of an InSite Lite report

In the diagrams and views you can activate color viewpoints and label viewpoints. For each object in a diagram or view you can view the properties and relations.

Generating an InSite Lite report

  1. In the model browser, select the model package you want to report.

  2. On the File tab, click Publish > InSite Lite. The following window appears:

  3. Optional: The Report location and Name of the report folder are automatically filled. You can change them if you want to.

  4. Next, select the diagrams and views you want to include in the report. Browse through the model overview and put a check mark in front of the desired diagrams and views. Click All if you want tot select all available diagrams and views at once.

  5. Define a start diagram. This is the diagram or view that is displayed on the home page of the report and forms the entrance to the report. To do this, first select an already chosen diagram or view and then click Set.

  6. Optional: By default, all profile attributes with relevant values will be included in the report. If you do not want to include them all, click the Profile attributes tab and the select the attributes you want to exclude from the report.

    Filtering attributes can be metamodel transcendent. It means that when you exclude an attribute that is available in multiple metamodels, the attribute will be excluded for every metamodel that is available in the model package. Not only for the metamodel in which you exclude the attribute. An attribute that is available in multiple metamodels can be recognized by an asterisk (*)

  7. Optional: Any viewpoints saved in the selected model package are automatically included in the report by default. If you do not want to include them in the report, click the Viewpoints tab and deselect the viewpoints.

  8. Click Generate to start generating the report.

When the report is completed, it is automatically opened in your web browser.

Report viewpoint

A generated InSite Lite report automatically produces an unsaved viewpoint that may be saved with the model. Clicking the viewpoint will recreate the report. As with other types of viewpoints, its script can be customized using the Query tool.