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By default, created unsaved viewpoints are available in a model package for the duration of the tool session. As long as the model package is open, the viewpoint is available. Once the model package or Enterprise Studio is closed, unsaved viewpoints will be lost. 

If a viewpoint is saved, it will remain available on the model package, even after closing the model package. Another advantage of saving a viewpoint is that you do not have to specify the view filter parameters, again and again, to activate it in a diagram or view. Also, saved viewpoints can be included in reports, and when printing your models.


  1. In the Viewpoints pane, in the Unsaved viewpoints section, right-click a viewpoint, and then click Save in model.

  2. In the Save Query window, select the model in which you want to save the viewpoint.

  3. In Save under name, type a name for the viewpoint and click Save.

The viewpoint is now moved to the saved viewpoints in the Viewpoints pane: