When using a Horizzon account for signing in to Horizzon, it is possible to use 2-step verification for signing in. 2-Step verification is a method of authentication that requires the use of more than one verification method and provides extra security for signing in to Horizzon. If you want to use 2-step verification, you need to set up your Horizzon account for it. It is also possible that the use of 2-step verification has been made mandatory for Horizzon.

Setting up 2-step verification in Horizzon is not possible if you use an organizational account to sign in to Horizzon.


  1. Sign in to Horizzon like you normally do.

  2. In the toolbar, click your profile icon, and then click Manage profile.

    Alternatively, you can click Users in the sidebar menu, select your user, and in the sidebar menu click Manage to open your user manage page, or on the Users page, click in your user to open the user manage page.

  3. In the Manage user menu, select 2-Step verification, and scan the QR code with your device running an authentication app. The app will provide a 6-digit code.

  4. Type the 6-digit code in Code 1. Wait up to 30 seconds for the authentication app to provide the next code.

  5. Type the second code in Code 2, and click Apply. If the association has been successful, you should see the following message:

The next time you sign in to Horizzon you need to use a verification code.

Removing an associated authentication device

You can remove the associated authentication device yourself, or another user with the Administrator role can do it for you. To remove the device, click Remove in the 2-Step verification section of the user manage page, and then click OK.

If removal has been successful, you should see the following message: