Views and properties of objects and relations in a HoriZZon site can be made favorite. Favorites are user-based, and users can set their own favorites to best fit their needs. Favorite views and properties can be recognized by a .

To mark a view or property as favorite, click the  next to the view or property value. To remove a favorite again, click the .

Favorite views

Favorite views are shown in the Favorites section of the portal, and can easily be accessed from there. A favorite view automatically gets a description with the name of the model package the view belongs to.

Clicking the image of a favorite view opens the respective view. The description below the view is a link, clicking it opens the start view of the model package the favorite view belongs to or, if a start view is not available, the views overview of the model package. At the bottom of the view, there is a counter showing the number of times the view has been visited.

Favorite properties

Favorite properties are shown on the top of the properties panel of a selected object or relation. A property set as favorite is applied to each instance of the property in the entire site.