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Team Server is now called HoriZZon Server. While the new name is being implemented in the software and on BiZZdesign Support, the old name may still be visible in places until the process has been completed. For more information, please refer to Team Server is now HoriZZon Server.

Only available in the BiZZdesign on-premise solutionIf you are working with the cloud solution, you can contact BiZZdesign Support to submit a change request for this setting.

If you have custom workflows containing fields of category "User", a user can be selected in that field when performing the workflow. By default, any user working on this task can see all other users from the HoriZZon Server when selecting a user. If users with only the Contributor role should not have access to all other users' name and e-mail address (for privacy or security reasons), a setting can be activated to prevent this. To completeley prevent Contributor users from having access to other users' information when working on workflow tasks, visibility of other users can be deactivated at the HoriZZon Server settings.

Please take note that this setting will only be useful if the user fields are optional to fill, otherwise the Contributor user will not be able to complete the field and subsequently submit the data for the workflow.

Other users visible (top), and no other users visible (bottom)

Required roles

System Administrator


  1. In the sidebar menu, click Settings > General.

  2. On the general settings page, in Workflow, clear Always show all users to deactivate visibility, or select the option to activate visibility.

  3. Click Apply to save the changes.

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