You can easily share views from sites with other Horizzon users by sharing hyperlinks to these views. You can share views with anyone who has access to Horizzon and who has access to the site where the shared view is located. Having access to a site means that the site needs to be shared with this user.

Active viewpoints

Views can be shared with their regular presence, but also with an active viewpoint like a color view, highlight view, tooltip view, chart view, or table view. The generated viewpoint needs to be based on an element property or metric. However, if the viewpoint is generated on an ArchiMate view, it can also be based on the endpoint of a path in the object relations explorer. These viewpoints can only be color and label views. When sharing a view with an active viewpoint, the recipient of the shared view will see the active viewpoint on the view.

Language of the shared view

When sharing a view, the recipient of the shared view will see it in the default language of the model package the view's site belongs to. That may be a different language than you are seeing the view in when you share it if you have changed its model language. The recipient can change the model language of the shared view if needed.


  1. In a Horizzon site, open the view you want to share, and click Share at the top of the page. Make sure that you have shared the site with the group(s) of people you want to share the view with, otherwise they will not be able to see the view.

  2. Click Copy, and close the pop-up window.

    If you have the Lead Designer role, the Share view window will look similar to one of these:

    As a Lead Designer you also have the option to share views outside Horizzon by embedding them. To do this, you first need to enable embedding for the site. After that the Embed view options will be available in the Share view window. For more information, see Sharing Horizzon views outside Horizzon.

  3. Share the hyperlink any way you prefer, for example via e-mail.

The user with whom the hyperlink is shared, only needs to click the link to open the view in Horizzon. The user may first need to sign in to Horizzon.