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The ArchiMate® standard prescribes the allowed relationships between the elements of the ArchiMate modeling language. The allowed relationships are shown in the Concepts and Relations table in Enterprise Studio. The position of an element in a relationship (being the 'from' point or 'to' point in the relation) also determines which relation types are allowed.

The vertical list of elements (first column) contains the elements as the 'from' point, in the horizontal list (first row) the elements are the 'to' point. The letters in the cells connecting two elements represent the allowed relationships. They have the following meaning:


In the table you can specify a preferred relation for the combinations of elements. The preferred relation may be used when nested objects are created, depending on the Generate preferred relation upon creation of nested objects setting in the Enterprise Studio general options.

ArchiMate Concepts and Relations table


  1. In the ribbon, go to ArchiMate > Concepts and Relations.

  2. In the table, select the cell of the element combination for which you want to specify a preferred relation.

  3. In the bottom right corner of the table window, under Preferred relation, select the preferred relation. You can choose one from the allowed relations.

ArchiMate® is a registered trademark of The Open Group.