Starting Enterprise Studio

The easiest way to start Enterprise Studio is by double-clicking the shortcut of the tool on your desktop:

Another option is to start Enterprise Studio via the start menu.

Startup model package

When you start Enterprise Studio the first time after installation, a new ArchiMate® model package is created automatically.

The next time you start Enterprise Studio, an empty model package is opened, but the modeling language or method (or metamodel) of this package depends on the language or method of the template that was last chosen to create a new model package. The modeling language or method of that template is used.


If you have created a new model package based on an ArchiMate template two sessions back and worked on an existing ERD model package during the previous tool session, then a new ArchiMate model package will be opened in the current session, because ArchiMate was the metamodel of the most recently used template to create a model package.

If you open another existing model package or create a new one based on another metamodel without having worked on the initially created model package, the initial model package will automatically close and the new model package will be opened.

Starting the tool empty

You can also choose to always start Enterprise Studio empty. In that case, no model package will be opened. To set an empty tool startup, clear the Create a new model package during startup check box on the General tab of the Enterprise Studio options.

Closing Enterprise Studio

To close an instance of Enterprise Studio, do as follows:

  • On the File tab, click Close.

You can also close the tool by pressing Alt+F4, or by clicking the cross sign in the upper right corner of the application's main window.

If only one instance of Enterprise Studio is open, clicking Close will only close the model package. To close the tool, press Alt+F4, or click the cross sign in the upper right corner of the main window.

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