This topic only applies to the BiZZdesign cloud solution.

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Starting a new remote session

To start a new Enterprise Studio Online session, do as follows: 

  • Sign in to your organization's Horizzon, and on your homepage, click the Enterprise Studio Online button. 

Next, a session is being prepared, and Enterprise Studio is opened in your web browser. You can now start working on your model packages.

Enterprise Studio in remote session

There is a special remote session toolbar at the top of your web browser window, that can be used for performing various actions during the remote session.

Remote session toolbar

Ending a remote session

To end an Enterprise Studio Online session, follow these steps:

  1. Close all instances of Enterprise Studio that are open in your web browser.

    Take note that pressing Alt+F4, which can be used for closing a locally installed application, does not close Enterprise Studio in the remote session, it only closes the web browser.

  2. In the remote session toolbar, point to , and then click End session, and then click End session once again.

    Take note that closing the browser tab will not end the session and there is a maximum session duration of 16 hours. If you do not properly end a session and reconnect again to continue working in Enterprise Studio again, you may hit the maximum duration at some point.

    If you are still connected to a streaming instance five minutes before this limit is reached, you are prompted to save any open documents before being disconnected. After this time, the instance is terminated and you session ends. You will be able to start a new session almost immediately afterwards.

If you do not close Enterprise Studio before ending the session, a new instance of Enterprise Studio will be opened next time, in addition to the instances of the application that were left open.

Opening a new instance of Enterprise Studio

To open a new instance of Enterprise Studio in your remote session without opening a model package, or to restart the application after closing it, do as follows:

  • In the remote session toolbar, point to , and then click Enterprise Studio.

Switching between application windows

When you are running multiple instances of Enterprise Studio, you can easily switch between the open application windows. To switch between windows, follow these steps:

  1. In the remote session toolbar, click . All open applications are shown next to each other.

  2. Select a window to switch to that one.

    You can also use the switch function to retrieve an application window that has disappeared from your web browser after minimizing it.

Overview of open applications in remote session

Showing the session window in full-screen view

To switch the Enterprise Studio Online session window to full-screen view, do as follows:

  • In the remote session toolbar, click .

Next, the remote session window is shown in full screen.

Remote session window in full screen

By pointing to the gray bar in the middle at the top of the screen, the remote session toolbar can be made visible.

To exit the full-screen view, click in the remote session toolbar, or press Esc.

Accessing the Activity Console

To access the Activity Console, which is used in the Team Platform functionality, do as follows:

  • In the remote session toolbar, point to , and then click  Activity Console.

Next, the Activity Console is shown in your browser window.

Activity Console in remote session