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This table is only available for Amber models.

The Actor table can be used to easily assign (inter)actions to actors.

Opening the Actor table

  • On the Amber tab, in the Edit group, click Actor Table.

The Actor table is a cross-reference table as shown below:

Example of an Actor table

The rows correspond to actions and sub-processes in the model, the columns correspond to actors, roles, functions, etc.

You can modify the Actor table in two ways:

  • click a single cell
  • select multiple cells, and then click Check or Uncheck. Note that you can easily select all cells in a row or column by clicking the row or column header.

When removing a check mark in a cell, the specific profile reference will be deleted. When placing a check mark in a cell, a profile reference between two objects is created.

Changing displayed table information

By using the table's context menu you can change the information that is shown in the table, for example hide all empty rows and columns. To open the context menu, right click a random cell in the table. Which functions are available, depends on the location in the table where you click. For additional information about the available functions in the context menu, see Displayed table information.