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If a model contains references or links to documents, websites, etc., an overview of these references can be obtained via the Link table. These include all types of references, both references in the "references" property in the basic profile of activities and actors, and references included in documentation fields and the like. The references can be checked per diagram or view.

Opening the Link table

  1. Opent the diagram or view of which you want to view the references.

  2. On the Advanced tab, in the Tables group, click Links.

A table is generated showing the links that are present in the active diagram.

Example of a Link table

By default, the scope of the table is set to active diagram. If desired you can set the scope to current selection. For more information, see Defining the selection of a table.

The attribute column in the table shows the type of reference: references linked to model components (references), or references created in the documentation of model components (documentation). The link column shows the reference target: a file, website, e-mail message, or model object.

Editing the Link table

You can edit the links in the table by double-clicking a record in the table. The Link window appears in which you can make the desired changes. For more information about editing links, see References.

If changes to references have been made outside the table, so in the model, you can use the Refresh button to update the table.