Enterprise Studio comes pre-configured with several built-in metamodels like ArchiMate® and BPMN. A metamodel consists of multiple files in which different things are stored. 

Sometimes you may wish to make your own additions or modifications to the configuration of a metamodel. The Metamodeler can be used for this. The Metamodeler supports making basic customizations to your tool configuration, validating your customizations, and applying them to your tracked and shared model packages, or even implement them in your Enterprise Studio tool configuration.

Profiles and data types in the Metamodeler


Below are some examples of scenarios for which the Metamodeler can be used.

  • A user wants to browse or visualize the metamodel to get insight into its structure.
  • A user wants to add a custom documentation field to all ArchiMate concepts (or another metamodel).
  • A user wants to add a custom documentation field to a specific ArchiMate view.
  • A user wants to add one or more attributes to a concept and start using them straight-away in the model the user was working on.
  • An application manager wants to define a number of custom data types and profiles and make them available for all users in the organization.
  • A power user wants to extract custom profiles from a model package and compare them to a baseline.
  • A power user wants to test customizations on an empty model package before installing them.

Model package migration

In addition to making customizations in the tool configuration, the Metamodeler is also used for migrating model packages to a new (custom) configuration. When updating to a new Enterprise Studio release, shared model packages need to be migrated to the latest tool configuration in order to stay in sync. During migration, any customizations in your current tool configuration will automatically be transferred to the new configuration, provided that these customizations have been made using the Metamodeler. For more information about migrating model packages, please refer to Updating to a new Enterprise Studio release.

The Metamodeler in Enterprise Studio

Target users

For working with the Metamodeler it is presumed that the user is familiar with changing metamodel configurations. Typical users of the Metamodeler are method engineers, lead enterprise architects, and application managers.

Working with the Metamodeler is only possible for users who have the Lead Designer role.

Interface language

The interface of the Metamodeler is only available in English, regardless of the tool language that is set in the Enterprise Studio application.

ArchiMate is a registered trademark of The Open Group.

BPMN is a trademark of Object Management Group, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.