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Globally, customizing a metamodel includes the following steps:

1. Add customizations to the metamodel

Adding customizations to a metamodel is done in a so-called "metamodel package". It is a special type of model package containing the configuration of the metamodel that is selected for customizing. Customizing a metamodel starts with opening a metamodel.

After opening the metamodel, you can start making customizations.

2. Validation and preview of the customizations

Customizations that are made need to be validated and previewed before being implemented.

3. Implementation of the customizations

After validating and finalizing them, the customizations can be implemented. The customizations can be applied to a single tracked or shared model package, and then shared with other users. The customized configuration will only be available in that model package. The customizations can also be implemented for general use by exporting them to the tool configuration.