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When working with an Excel connection in your ArchiMate® model, it can also be used for importing and exporting timed data. Timed data can be for example life cycle stages with dates linked to them, or attributes and metrics with dated values.

Life cycle view with applications with timed life cycle stages

An example of using timed values is importing life cycle data by defining a date for each possible life cycle stage, or by defining a life cycle stage for a selection of dates.

Example of an Excel table with timed values

There are two ways of working with timed values in an Excel connection:

  • By defining columns with timed data and defining the type of value mapping.
  • By defining columns with timed data and defining a TIME column.

If you are using Excel for the import and export, you can use both solutions. If you are using an ADOdb connection, you can only use the second solution with the TIME column.

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