Below you can find tips and tricks for modeling with Enterprise Portfolio Management.

Jump directly from portfolio to its components

You can jump directly from a portfolio component in the portfolio landscape view to the actual component. This enables you to quickly navigate from a portfolio to its different components for example to edit them. This functionality applies to the defined goals, population, metrics, chart definitions, and recommendation options in the portfolio. Clicking a component's name highlights the component in the model browser, and opens the view where the component is located if available.

Use activity overview to navigate EPM management activities

You can use the activity overview in the portfolio view to go through the portfolio management phases step by step. From this overview, you can easily navigate to the management activity of your choice. The activity overview can be opened by clicking the question mark  in the portfolio view's canvas menu. Click an activity in the overview to open the accompanying view.

Consult portfolio design help texts and write your own texts

Additional information about the different sub-phases of portfolio design can be found in the text box at the bottom of the EPM Design view. If you click one of the sub-phases in the scheme, the associated help text is shown in the text box.

You can also change the default help texts in order to make them fit your organization and way of working. Additionally, it is possible to add texts to the views that are present in the sub-phase lists of the EPM Design view. In order to be able to add or edit help texts, the EPM Design view must be in edit mode.