By tracking progress of a model package you can keep track of the development of the model package. You can see at any time what changes have been made to the model package via the timeline of the model package.

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer

Storage of the model package

To be able to track the progress of a model package, the model package needs to be saved on a location that supports tracking progress: it can be your personal storage, a storage place located on your own computer, or Horizzon. If you want to save the model package on Horizzon, you need to have an installed Horizzon. In Horizzon you just keep the model package for yourself by not sharing it with others.

Work on the model package

Once the model package has been stored in your personal storage, you can start working on it. The model package can be edited in the way you are used to. You can add new elements, change existing elements or remove elements, whatever you want to do.

Committing changes

To keep track of the changes you have made to your model package, your changes must be committed. That way the changes will be registered in the model package's timeline for tracking progress.

Undoing changes, restoring model package

Changes made to a tracked model package can be undone as long as they have not yet been committed. To revert the changes to a model package that have already been committed, the model package can be restored to a previous state. You may also choose to only view a previous state of the model package.