This topic only applies to the BiZZdesign on-premise and hybrid solutions.


When adding a storage place in Enterprise Studio, it is not possible to authenticate in the Activity Console pop-up window. The fields to enter the credentials are not available.

When adding a storage place in Enterprise Studio, authentication is done in a pop-up window of the Activity Console. As of the 16 June 2022 Bizzdesign Horizzon release, the Activity Console uses a Chromium-embedded browser using the Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF).

This can lead to an empty authentication window in certain environments, making completing the storage place registration impossible. Reason for this can be that the CEF browser is rejected or does not meet the IT requirements set by the organization's IT department.


The solution to this issue is allowing the CEF browser to access the Horizzon Server (locally installed or via Saas). The pop-up window is only used to authenticate the user and cannot be used to browse any other website. If the solution is not feasible for your organization, you can use the following workaround to resolve the issue:

Hook the registration of the storage place from the CEF browser to the default browser

  1. Close Enterprise Studio and exit the Activity Console in your computer's system tray.

  2. On your computer, navigate to the Activity Console installation location. Default location is ..\Program Files\Bizzdesign\Enterprise Studio 4\ActivityConsole.

  3. Open the ActivityConsole.exe.config file on the installation location using a text editor.

  4. Go to the end of the file and remove the following comment lines, indicated below in bold red:

        <!-- Uncomment to enable debugging the embedded browser -->
        <add key="CefRemoteDebuggingPort" value="8080"/>

  5. Save the changes and start Enterprise Studio.

  6. In Enterprise Studio, go to File > Options, and click Add on the Storage Places tab.

  7. In the Add Storage Place wizard that appears, in Server, add the URL of your Bizzdesign Horizzon environment.

  8. Click Next, and then click Finish. The Activity Console pop-up window appears. Leave it as it is.

  9. Open your web browser, go to http://localhost:8080 and click the link. (Port 8080 is the default location. If a different port number is set in the Activity Console config file, use that number).

  10. Sign in to Horizzon using the sign-in window in the web browser. When you are done, the storage place is added to your storage places. The sign-in window in the web browser is gone, and you can close the browser.

    Your Horizzon environment is now available as a storage place in Enterprise Studio.

  11. To restore the Activity Console config file to its original settings, close Enterprise Studio, exit the Activity Console and then put the comment lines back in the ActivityConsole.exe.config file.