When working together on a model package, different people contribute to the model package. During the collaboration, contributions of the other users are placed on your computer by synchronization. However, they are not automatically included in your model package. This prevents unwanted changes from unsolicited entering your copy of the model package.

Changes that you want to include must be manually brought in by updating your model package.

When updating your model package, all available contributions will be included. It is not possible to include only part of the contributions.

Required roles

Designer or Lead Designer


  1. On the File tab, click Update, or click at the top of the model browser.

  2. The Update page shows a list of available contributions. The number of contributions that is shown is limited to 25. If there are more contributions available, it will be mentioned at the bottom of the list.

    Click Update to include the contributions in your model package or project.

    If the available contribution(s) include configuration changes, then this contribution will be just one of the contributions shown in the list. Your model package will automatically be updated with the configuration changes when updating the model package.

When you are done updating, you can continue working on the model package.