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This information only applies to a locally installed Enterprise Studio, not to the hosted solution Enterprise Studio Online.

In some situations it may be necessary to reactivate Enterprise Studio, for example when your software license needs to be updated because of the purchase of new functionality, if the usage period has expired, or if Enterprise Studio has stopped working. Check which release of Enterprise Studio you are running, and follow the appropriate procedure for updating your software license. If you are not sure which version you are running, you can check it via File > About in Enterprise Studio.

Required roles

System administrator

Updating a license for Enterprise Studio 4 (2 September 2019), or a newer version

  1. Contact BiZZdesign Support, and request a new license key.

  2. After you have received a new license key from BiZZdesign, sign in to HoriZZon as a System Administrator user, and in the sidebar menu, click Settings > License.

  3. Copy the license key you have received, and paste it in License key.

  4. Click Apply to save the changes.

Updating a license for Enterprise Studio release 4 (29 May 2019), or an older version

  1. In Enterprise Studio, in the Backstage view, click Help > About.

  2. In the About Enterprise Studio window, click License Management.

  3. Only if needed: On the General tab, click Generate reference to generate a reference code.

    A license request file (*.WibuCmRac) will be generated that you save and then send to BiZZdesign Support. In response to your license request you will receive by e-mail an activation code you need to activate the software.

  4. Click Software activation. The license activation wizard starts, which you go through. Keep the activation code that you have received at hand. When the wizard is finished, Enterprise Studio is ready for use again.