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When automatically generating an ArchiMate view in Enterprise Studio, the tool offers a number of options for specifying the view type that must be generated and how the view is presented. One of these options is the inverse composition.

The View type tab of the Generate view for window holds a number of settings for the relations in the view.

The graphical representation of the relations in the view can be specified by means of a graphical relation, or a graphical composition. In the case of the latter, the relation between the objects is presented as nesting. The nesting of the composition (which object is nested into which object) is determined by the direction of the relation. By selecting the Inverse composition check box you can revert the direction of the relation, which will change the nesting of the composition.

An example:

We have an Application Cooperation view containing the following objects and relation:

Generating a view using only the graphical composition results in the following:

When generating a view with the graphical composition AND the inverse composition activated, the result would be as follows:

As you can see the nesting has reverted.